RQC Group is VAT registered. All prices stated below are inclusive of VAT.

Carpet cleaning

Single room£30.00
Double room£35.00
Living room£35.00
Stairs (1 set usually 8-12 steps)£25.00
Rug (depending on size)£10.00 – £15.00
Double sofa£30.00
Triple sofa£40.00
Curtains (1 set short)£15.00
Curtains (1 set long)£25.00

Minimum charge for carpet cleaning is £60.00


Gardening service£24.00 / hour (+green waste)

Minimum charge for gardening is £60.00

Professional cleaning

Studio flat£100.00
1 bedroom flat£120.00
2 bedroom flat£140.00
3 bedroom flat£160.00 – £180.00 (2 bathrooms)
Bigger properties£200.00 –£ 250.00 or more*

We reserve the rights to change the prices if the property is in bad condition
*For bigger properties we offer the estimate for free

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning service£25.00 / hour

Minimum charge for steam cleaning is £50.00

High pressure washing

Patio, driveway, wall, decking, etc.£3.00 per m²

Minimum charge for high pressure washing is £60.00

Locksmith service

Locksmith service£55.00 + the price for the lock
Force the entry£ 85.00

The price of the lock depends on the level of its security

Rubbish removal

Clearing service£ 95.00 minimum charge
Clearing service£ 340.00 for full car

Pest control

Annual course of treatments (10 visits)£400.00 – £550.00
Individual treatment£45.00 – £100.00