Carpet cleaning

carpet cleaning
Just as clothes need regular washing to keep them clean and fresh, so do carpets and upholstery. Good care through periodic cleaning will extend the lifetime of your furnishings and save you money.

Regular professional cleaning will also benefit your health and lifestyle by:

  • making your home look and smell better
  • improving your indoor air quality
  • eliminating unwanted bacteria and pollutants
  • reducing the causes of asthma and allergies

The three methods we combine are:

  • hot extraction machines
  • steam cleaning
  • manual shampoo brushing

We consider expert knowledge as our main asset and our team employ carefully selected professional tools and safe toxic-free detergents not readily available to home users.

Depending on the type, age and other factors of your furnishings, along with your preference, we will choose the right technique to achieve the best results all round.


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Upholstery, curtains, leather cleaning

Right combination of handwork and technology is the key for armchairs, sofas andother upholstery, curtains and leather. Make your old furniture look like new!

Carpet cleaning technology

RQC professional hot extraction carpet cleaning is characterized by:

  • extremely powerful equipment
  • ecological and non-toxic chemicals
  • ultra short drying times (approx. one hour)
  • ph-balanced preparations

Carpet Cleaning machine cfr500Machine CFR 500 Perfect Heat

High pressure cleaning solution shears away the dirt more thoroughly, with fewer passes, less effort – and often without the need for separate mechanical agitation. Continuous flow recycling means you clean up to 7 times more area on one tank – clean a whole house of carpets without stopping to dump and refill once! Patented CFR wand recovers up to 30% more cleaning solution forfaster drying times. It is virtually impossible to over-wet most carpets. We use the new patented ‘Perfect Heat’ model and get up to 20 degrees more consistent heat at the wand.

  • 50 litre capacity recovery tank
  • 500 p.s.i. pump
  • Two 2-stage vac motors and 2000 watt heater
  • Large stair climbing 12 inch non marking wheels

Carpet Cleaning machine Cleanpro130Cleanpro 130

The Cleanpro is by far the best entry level professional extractor in the UK:

  • 2 x 3 stage vacuum motors gives incredible sunction for faster drying times
  • 130 psi Shurflow pump – faster and more thorough cleaning, with fewer passes of the wand
  • Massive 70 litres solution & recovery tanks – that’s double the capacity of many entry level machines
  • Speed dump-out
  • 3-jet wand for more even cleaning action and less risk of over-wetting
  • 25ft high quality crush resistent vacuum/solution hose

Carpet Cleaning chemicalsCarpet cleaning chemicals

All products we use are ph-balanced and non-toxic made by Prochem, Europe ‘s No 1 selling commercial and domestic retailer. Chemical products are allergy child and pet friendly. They are manufactured to ISO 900I quality standards and the latest EC environmental and safety requirements, at the company s UK manufacturing site.