High pressure washing

Effective cleaning method for any kind of outdoor surface.

high pressure washing london2
As a result of the city pollution and weather, London’s properties and pavements become unsightly. High pressure washing is a very effective and suitable cleaning method for almost any kind of outdoor surface or equipment.
RQC Cleaners with their high pressure washing service can help bring your pavements, walls and steps back to being safe and look clean. Our high pressure washing service is available in domestic and commercial environments.

We use professional jet wash equipment to achieve the best possible results. Our clients are very often suprised how great the surface look after we finish high pressure washing.

We are used to jet wash these surfaces:

  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Pavements
  • Steps
  • Basements
  • Car parks
  • Walls/fences
  • Wooden decking
  • Garden furniture and other
  • Industrial areas and objects

Whatch this video to see what can be done with our jet wash machine

Price list

High pressure washing£3.00 / m²

Minimum charge for high pressure washing is £60.00