Steam cleaning

Progressive method in professional cleaning.

steam cleaning oven
Steam cleaning is new progressive way in both domestic and industrial cleaning services.

We use powerful and professional steam cleaning machines to clean the most resistible stains, difficult materials and unapproachable areas. This type of cleaning is on the request. It is not only effective on the dirtiest areas of a property like bathrooms and kitchens it is also kills all germs and bacteria because the steam under pressure has 180 degrees. In a communal areas it can be used to clean the tile floor, windows – windows frames, remove the chewing gums and some areas which are very difficult to reach. Also time to time is not bad idea to clean the banister with this type of cleaning to disinfected the heavy used areas.

Click here to see our videos with steam cleaner in action.

Watch this video to see what can be done by steam cleaning machine

Price list

Steam cleaning service£ 25.00 / hour

Minimum charge for steam cleaning is £50.00